20th November 2020


Online (joining instructions will be shared with registrants close to the event)
1 day
09.30-16.30 (UK time)



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About this course

The course primarily aims to:

* Revise the methods and criteria in how the SSAP should be administered
* Revise the content and process in how the SSAP should be rated according to the coding manual

It will also:
* Provide further and deeper examination of the SSAP codes and constructs
* Provide further exploration of how a report can be formulated from an assessment
* Explore further clinical applicability of the SSAP using clinical cases

What is the content?

The course provides a revision of the fundamental elements of the SSAP three-day training including an examination of administration technique (with a focus on good and bad practice), a re-examination of the full SSAP coding manual (with a more in-depth focus on those codes that are most challenging), a section on the constructs and how these are created and interpreted, and more reflections on how a more qualitative clinical report is put together.  The day will use clinical cases to illustrate these areas.  There is also an opportunity to bring along your own clinical cases.

Who is the training suitable for?
The training is suitable for those who have already attended the 3-day SSAP training. It is of relevance to those who have either not yet managed to find the time to fulfil the reliability standards for the training or have not been successful.  It is also likely to be of benefit to those who have become reliable and who may be needing a refresher.  It may be useful for those who trained a while back and are needing some transition back into using it. If you have not completed SSAP reliability within three years, you must attend this one day training (Preparation for Reliability) before continuing with the reliability process. 


System requirements for online training

The online platform Zoom will be used to deliver this training. Prior to booking on, please ensure you meet the system requirements so you're able to join this training. 

Before the training, please test your equipment is working by going to Zoom.us/test and follow the instructions.