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CBT and Mentalization in work with children, young people and their families, Barcelona


2 days

About this course

This two day course is a dialogue between CBT and mentalization approaches to working with young people with significant mental health problems. While recognising the difference between the two approaches, the course leaders will aim to explore whether the two approaches may positively complement each other. In particular the course will explore cognitive aspects of CBT and mentalizing. The intention is that the two days will be evenly balanced between consideration of CBT and methods of mentalization. The course is open to clinicians working with children using different treatment modalities but it will assume a basic knowledge and practice of CBT with children and young people. The course will cover a basic introduction to mentalizing and consider this in relation to cognitive methods in CBT with children. The course will provide examples of both types of work and will invite discussion and consideration of the similarities and differences between the theory and practice of these approaches.


Who is this course suitable for?

The course is suitable for child mental health practitioners who work with children and young people and who have a working knowledge and experience of CBT approaches to children and young people.

Aims of the course?

• To describe mentalizing and its application to work with children

• To consider its relevance to CBT for children

• To provide opportunities to consider clinical examples of work with children with mental health problems using these frameworks.


For more information about this training please contact Marta Torrents,