About this course


This seminar is focused to experienced clinicians who will use these skills in everyday practice. While in the class, participation and demonstration of skill acquisition is mandatory. A maximum of 18.5 CME* and BBS credits will be available through this event.*

  •  Conference Fee - $1000.00**
  • Trainees Rate - $800***

Mentalization based treatment was developed based on studies of early childhood development and attachment. This workshop is geared to senior clinicians in the community and will equip participants to understand:

  • How mentalizing handicaps derive from early parent-child interactions
  • How mentalizing failures reflect and cause insecure attachments
  • How psychotherapeutic interventions are efforts to correct mentalizing and attachment handicaps

Participants will learn how to implement MBT techniques within their clinical practice as a specialist treatment. Techniques to be included that enhance mentalizing capacities include:

  • The basic therapist stance of “not knowing”
  • Basic mentalizing skills – validation, empathy, clarification, challenge, maintaining the mentalizing process
  • Identifying the affect focus
  • Mentalizing the transference – including working with counter transference


By the end of this conference, participants will:

  1. Demonstrate an understanding of the mentalizing problems of borderline personality disorder
  2. Recognize mentalizing and non-mentalizing interventions
  3. Develop and maintain a mentalizing therapeutic stance
  4. Be prepared to use basic mentalizing techniques in their everyday clinical work in groups and individual psychotherapy.

*CME pending approval

** Due to the small size of this training, conference fees are NOT REFUNDABLE (you may send a substitute in your place)

*** We are offering a limited amount of tickets for trainees at a special rate of $800. These will be distributed on a first come, first serve basis.

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