7th November 2019 9th November 2019


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3 days
08:15 - 17:00 (day three will finish at 15:30)



Training fee for full-time students


Training fee includes access to MBT online training


Training fee for those who have already completed the MBT Online training

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About this course


This seminar is focused to experienced clinicians who will use these skills in everyday practice. While in the class, participation and demonstration of skill acquisition is mandatory. A maximum of 18.5 CME* and BBS credits will be available through this event.*

  • Conference Fee - $1000.00 Training fee for those who have already completed the MBT Online training
  • Conference Fee - $1100.00 Training fee for those who have NOT already completed the MBT Online training
  • Trainees Rate - $800**

It is a requirement that attendees of this training must complete the MBT Online training before the training start date. You will be given access to the Online training one month before the training start date. The Online training consists of a series of short videos that span four hours and cover the theory of MBT and so it is essential that you watch these prior to the training. If you do not complete these, you will not have the theoretical knowledge to get the most out of the training you are scheduled to attend. The content of the Online training will not be covered in the in-person training. If, for any reason, you require access to the Online training sooner than one month prior to the training start date, please let us know and we will be able to grant you access. Please note that training places must be paid for in order to be granted access to the Online training.

Mentalization based treatment was developed based on studies of early childhood development and attachment. This workshop is geared to senior clinicians in the community and will equip participants to understand:

  • How mentalizing handicaps derive from early parent-child interactions
  • How mentalizing failures reflect and cause insecure attachments
  • How psychotherapeutic interventions are efforts to correct mentalizing and attachment handicaps

Participants will learn how to implement MBT techniques within their clinical practice as a specialist treatment. Techniques to be included that enhance mentalizing capacities include:

  • The basic therapist stance of “not knowing”
  • Basic mentalizing skills – validation, empathy, clarification, challenge, maintaining the mentalizing process
  • Identifying the affect focus
  • Mentalizing the transference – including working with counter transference


By the end of this conference, participants will:

  1. Demonstrate an understanding of the mentalizing problems of borderline personality disorder
  2. Recognize mentalizing and non-mentalizing interventions
  3. Develop and maintain a mentalizing therapeutic stance
  4. Be prepared to use basic mentalizing techniques in their everyday clinical work in groups and individual psychotherapy.

*CME pending approval

** We are offering a limited amount of tickets for trainees at a special rate of $800. These will be distributed on a first come, first serve basis.

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