About this course

The workshop is suitable for mental health and other professionals who are interested in the treatment of personality disorder and have already completed the basic training course. Participants are expected to have been using mentalizing skills in their everyday practice and when possible to have participated in supervision.


This two-day workshop will expand on previous knowledge and embed the basic skills of mentalization based treatment (MBT).

Participants learn how to use the MBT adherence scale for individual therapy and hone their MBT skills through clinical demonstration, video ratings, and role plays.

Using video, participants demonstrate their use of basic interventions within a standardised scenario with an actor.  This may be used towards recognition of competence and access to supervision to become a supervisor.

Aims of course

To help participants embed and develop further their skills to treat patients with personality disorder using MBT, introduce the adherence scale for rating treatment sessions, and to introduce skills required to become a supervisor.