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Bespoke Toddler Module


2 days

About this course

This bespoke training addresses toddler development in relation to the toddler-parent relationship. It examines normal toddler development and the difficulties encountered in toddler development and identification of 'at-risk' behaviour as well as peer-relationships and separation from the primary care giver.

The course focusses on the theory and practice of working with parents and toddlers in groups, discussing a number of different intervention skills useful when addressing toddlers and their parents/care-givers, using DVD clips to illustrate examples.

Teaching is delivered on how to set up and run a parent-toddler group based on the Anna Freud Centre approach, including a case presentation with DVD clips. It includes contributions from psychoanalysis, attachment theory and toddler developmental research.

Aims of course

  • To provide an understanding of toddler development and the parent-toddler relationship
  • To outline professional skills in assessing risk and early intervention.
  • To promote knowledge about the theory and practice of clinical work with toddlers and their parents, including how to set up and run a parent-toddler group based on the AFC approach.

Learning Outcomes

  • Develop the technique of direct observation in relation to toddler-parent interactions, to inform evidence based practice.
  • Become informed about the developmental research and clinical data on toddler development.
  • Examine professional and personal criteria for evaluation of "at-risk" development in toddlerhood.
  • Reflect on the professional use of self in work with toddlers and their parents.
  • Enhance intervention skills for the promotion of mental health in the toddler.
  • Learn about what’s involved in setting up and running a parent-toddler group.