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About this course

The mind has the capacity to understand new ideas by relating them to concepts they familiar with. Metaphorical thinking is fundamental to cognition and interpersonal communication.   It is also a valuable tool for helping clients gain new perspectives. 

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Using metaphor has a tradition in all the major schools of therapy and is a particularly helpful way of talking about emotional and relational experience.  Similarly, stories and storytelling is a powerful way of exploring therapeutic ideas and create a safe and playful place in the therapeutic environment.  They are a powerful tool for exploring the relationship between thoughts, feelings and actions.

This workshop examines how therapists, counsellors and coaches can use metaphor and storytelling in their work and will call on ideas from CBT and ACT in particular.  The aims are to enhance participant’s skills and confidence in using metaphor and storytelling in their work with both children and adults.

The course will cover:

  • A brief overview of the use of metaphor in psychotherapy
  • 'Off the peg' metaphors –Group exercise – Sharing examples of useful metaphors
  • What follows - Exploring clients metaphors – Pairs exercise
  • Using storytelling to enhance playfulness and creativity
  • Developing therapeutic stories

Who is this course suitable for?

Therapists and training  therapists with an interest in creative approaches in CBT.

Aims of the course? 

To give participants

  • A theoretical understanding of using metaphor and story in therapy
  • To give some useful metaphors  to use in therapy
  • To attend to client’s metaphors and extend them
  • Have basic storytelling skills and how to use them in therapy

 This training is run in collaboration with BABCP and BABCP members will get 6 hours CPD.