1st October 2019


The Kantor Centre of Excellence, 4 - 8 Rodney Street, London, N1 9JH Map
1 day
09:00 - 17:00



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Training including 1.5 follow up group consultation

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About this course

Over the last few years the world has woken up to a simple fact: the best correlate of adult life satisfaction is not income, but physical and mental health.

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The new emphasis on promoting child mental health in schools & colleges is a welcome move to help us realise this ambition. But how can schools & colleges, within their current resources, prioritise mental health and wellbeing alongside teaching a school curriculum?

This training provides a practical framework of five domains, alongside key actions and materials that aims to support school staff in championing mental health and wellbeing across the whole school community.

It is based on the following five sub-categories:

  1. Leading Change – how can you ensure that your school leads change to promote mental health and wellbeing across the whole school community?
  2. Working Together – how can your school work together with parents & carers, pupils and governors to foster an ethos of inclusiveness and school connectedness?
  3. Understanding Need – how can your school or college assess the needs of students and the impact of interventions to improve wellbeing?
  4. Supporting Staff – Teaching is a tough job. How can your school couple support for school staff with the ambitions we have for childrens wellbeing?
  5. Promoting wellbeing – how can your school’s curriculum benefit pupil mental health and wellbeing? What evidence is there for school-based interventions and when to implement them?

There is an optional 1.5 hour follow up group consultation webinar to discuss this project approximately 6 weeks after the training. The consultation will be a space to share learning in relation to the project identified for development on the training day. 

Who is this training suitable for?

The training is suitable for anyone working with children and young people in a school or college setting and could include:

  • Teachers
  • Senior Leadership Team
  • Teaching Assistants
  • Pastoral Care team members
  • SENCOs
  • School Governors
  • Anyone with a responsibility as a mental health or wellbeing lead in a school.

Learning Outcomes

Participants will come away with a better understanding of:

  • What factors are important to consider when championing a mentally healthy school
  • How to embed and establish processes that support the mental health and wellbeing of the whole school community
  • Practical tips and tools for promoting mental health and wellbeing in school/your setting

We regularly hold trainings at the Centre or if you are interested in commissioning a training for your school, please email davina.metters@annafreud.org