Two days


About this course

Course Overview

This course will provide IPT practitioners with an introduction to working with adolescents with depression and to the ways in which IPT has been adapted in IPT-A and when delivered in a family context. The course will include a combination of didactic teaching, discussion of clinical scenarios and participant role plays. In addition to providing practical skills training, the course will aim to increase participants’ knowledge of adolescent development and the evidence base for IPT-A and IPT delivered in a family context.


Who is this course suitable for?

Accredited IPT practitioners who would like to learn about using IPT with an adolescent population or in a family context e.g. working with depressed parents of depressed adolescents. This course is suitable for IPT therapists who intend to work directly with adolescent with depression or who work with parents and want to understand more about how adolescents with depression experience their own mental health difficulties and the impact on the family.

Aims of course

  • Provide an overview of how IPT has been adapted in IPT-A to enable accredited IPT practitioner to work with adolescents with depression;
  • Provide an introduction to the challenges and opportunities when working with and adolescents with depression;
  • Review the evidence for and modifications in practice when IPT is delivered with the family in mind.