About this course

Course overview

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This course will bring together leading international MBT practitioners to provide an update about significant developments in MBT.

The latter part of the afternoon will provide an opportunity to build on clinical skills using role plays and video. This will include discussion about technique and questions for the MBT ‘masterclass’ panel.

Who is this course suitable for?

  •  Clinicians who have been using MBT in their daily practice.
  •  Clinicians and others implementing personality disorder services and MBT.

It is a requirement to have attended the three-day MBT Basic training to attend this course.

Aims of the course?

  • An up-date on developments in MBT
  • Understanding indicators of adherence to MBT
  • Recognising importance of quality assurance in service implementation
  • Ability to understand adaptations of MBT for other mental disorder