2 days


About this course

The course will give a brief review of MBT-A as well as a review of challenging situations, such as self harm, violence or violent threats, trauma as well as review of different treatment settings. The course will address supervisory skills. The majority of the course will be small group work on practising supervision skills. The workshop will conclude with a supervisory task and those who’s skills are on model, will be accredited as supervisors. The course will cover Basic techniques of MBT-A and MBT-F as well as basic techniques of MBT supervision.

Who is this course suitable for?

Any clinician using MBT-A and MBT-F in their practice who want to learn about supervision skills in MBT with the aim of supervising others.

Course pre-requisites

In order to apply for the course participants are encouraged to submit a video tape or audio recording of themselves doing a session of MBT-A or MBT-F. Tapes which are not in English can be sent if accompanied by written translation. We will also consider a written verbatim session in the absence of video material.

• Applicants will have to have attended the MBT-A two-day training.

• Applicants will have clinical experience of working in MBT-A of at least one year.

Aims of the course?

• Refresher of MBT-A

• MBT supervision skills

• Supervisor accreditation

Please note: Due to the pressures on Peter Fonagy's diary, we are unable to guarantee his attendance as a tutor on this training. Peter will teach on the training as and when he can.

Training at international locations:

We are running an MBT-A Supervisor training in Boston on 30th - 31st May 2020, please see here for more information.