17th June 2020


The Kantor Centre of Excellence, 4 - 8 Rodney Street, London, N1 9JH Map
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About this course

Course Overview

The course provides a small discussion group to think about clinical work using the story stems. This will be facilitated by trainers and would involve trainees’ own clinical material/cases which would be presented and discussed within the training. 

Aims of course

 * allow for discussion of clinical cases (that have used the SSAP) conducted within trainees' teams 
* allow for discussion of SSAP work/cases
* allow for reflection on SSAP practice

Who is this course suitable for?

The training is suitable for those who have already attended the 3-day SSAP training, who have become accredited and are using it regularly. It is not of relevance to those who have not become accredited and who have not been using it regularly. It is suitable for those with clinical material that they wish to bring in and discuss with the group.

The story stem assessment profile (SSAP) is an established tool that has been running at the Anna Freud Centre for nearly 20 years.   We have trained a wide range of mental health professionals who are working within a range of mental health and educational services both within the UK and worldwide. To date, we have trained over 2,000 professionals and have run external trainings across in the UK and in several countries outside the UK. We have also set up a trainer training programme that has allowed accredited delegates from outside the UK become trainers in their own language.  The success of the trainings to date have been verified through consistently positive feedback from delegates but we have also consistently improved both the tool and the training material which has made it more accessible.  Our programme incorporates an accreditation service that has provided all delegates with the opportunity to become fully authorised according to our standards to use the tool.

Our mission continues to encourage mental health professionals to train up and use the SSAP given how few alternatives there are for assessing children in this age bracket (4 to 9 years). We are building up more and more research material which is helping establish its properties further. Much of this has come from many of our delegates using this tool within larger research studies allowing us to bring together more understanding of this tool’s properties. 

The Story Stem Assessment Profile – SSAP Consultancy Discussion group training is an essential forum for those who wish to embed it within their work even more and ensure that the quality of its application is enhanced.

If you feel that this training may be suitable and wish to discuss further, please do contact Saul.Hillman@annafreud.org