About this course

Structured Clinical Management (SCM) is an evidenced based approach that enables generalist mental health practitioners to work effectively with people with borderline personality disorder.  


SCM provides generalist mental staff with a coherent systematic approach to working with people with borderline personality disorder. It is based on a supportive approach with case management and advocacy support. There is an emphasis on problem-solving, effective crisis planning, medication review and assertive follow-up if appointments are missed.

Aims of SCM training

By the end of the two day training participants will:

  • Understand the rationale and evidence base for SCM
  • Show increased awareness of personality disorder
  • Develop skills to treat people with personality disorder comorbid with affective and other disorders
  • Be able to implement strategic and core processes of SCM

Who is the SCM training suitable for?

The course is suitable for all mental health professionals currently working with patients who have a personality disorder or whose personality interferes with treatment. No specialist or high level psychological treatment skills are required to attend the course.

SCM has been implemented successfully by general mental health professionals without additional specialist training. It is particularly suitable for mental health nurses, graduate workers and others interested in the treatment of personality disorder.

SCM Commissioning

We currently run this training locally to organisations - the fee for the two-day training is £8,000 for up to 35 participants with ongoing supervision packages available. If you are interested in commissioning the SCM training, please email marta@annafreud.org

Download the SCM Brochure