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The Parent-Infant Conference: innovative and evidence-based practice to protect and promote the emotional wellbeing of all bumps, babies and toddlers
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29 January 2020
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All fees are for the one-day event and include all refreshments
Dr Camilla Rosan, Dr Beckie Lang, Professor Peter Fonagy, Professor Lenneke Alink, Professor Jane Barlow, Professor Karen Broadhurst, Dr Trudi Seneviratne, Sally Hogg, Olya Homonchuk, Professor Pasco Fearon, Dr Bridget Tiernan, Professor György Gergely, Professor Paul Ramchandani, Professor Chandra Ghosh Ippen, Anne Longfield, Chris Cuthbert , Nicola Labuschagne, Jessica James, Dr Joann Wilkinson, Dr Nicola Cosgrave , Ailsa Swarbrick , Jennifer Savage , Professor Helen Minnis, Dr Ian Robson, Dr Anne Mcfayden, Roberta Marshall
One day
Kensington Town Hall

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