Lindsay Andrews


Clinical Quality Lead (FNP National Unit) and Technical Advisor Public Health England.

My career has mainly focused on improving the life chances of vulnerable young people and children. I started nursing in the 1980’s at the ‘Queen’s’ in Nottingham. Throughout the 1990’s I worked as a Midwife; mostly in the community setting in inner city Leeds. I then undertook BSc Health Visiting at Leeds (LMU) and worked as a Health Visitor in Kirklees for 2 years.

In 2002 I took the specialist post - 'Lead Nurse for Looked after Children and Care Leavers', where for a period of 7 years I led on development of health improvement policy and training  for the Health and Social Care workforce in Kirklees, I developed Relationship and Sexual Health Education Policy and training programme and acted as Vice Chair to the Kirklees fostering panel. I gained a sound working knowledge of the legal framework relating to Looked after Children.

I undertook a post graduate certificate at Huddersfield University in Child Public Health and Safeguarding. Since then I have undertaken further Masters Modules in Adult Learning and Education and more recently further studies in Safeguarding.

In 2009 I became Family Nurse Partnership (FNP) supervisor for Kirklees and was able to fuse my skills, knowledge and passion for health equality to successfully develop FNP programme delivery at a local level.

Since 2014 I have worked at a national level for FNP as a clinical quality lead. I lead on the Supervisor learning programme and safeguarding. I have contributed to the development of the FNP supervisory learning programme and processes. I work alongside a broad range of professionals actively working towards excellence in nursing practice for vulnerable families.

I am trained and practice the application of AGILE project management.

In 2017 I was proud to become a Queen’s Nurse.

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