Elly Chapple

Elly Chapple


Elly is passionate about understanding human communication and behaviour, both verbal and non-verbal. In 2014 when her eldest daughter lost her vision through misunderstanding of her disability, Elly sold her business to come home and begin another journey.

She shared their story at TEDx Norwich to launch #FlipTheNarrative. Elly’s daughter is her greatest teacher, and this has focused her efforts on sharing the understanding of how successful lives can be, if we retain our curiosity and keenness to learn about difference daily.

Elly is passionate that trauma work includes Institutional ACEs/System Trauma to uphold human rights. She co-presented the concept of Institutional ACEs with Professor Andy McDonnell, in 2019. Currently Elly is working on a variety of projects and learning daily from colleagues in the fields of SEND, trauma, education, health, and social care.

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