Sebastian Euler


Dr Sebastian Euler is a consultant psychiatrist and psychotherapist at the University Psychiatric Hospital in Basel (Switzerland). He has delivered MBT to multidisciplinary teams, offering inpatient and outpatient treatments for BPD and other PDs in public health and forensic settings. He functions as principal investigator of a large clinical and neurobiological BPD study (BION Basel) and has lectured in several international conferences. He is a senior research fellow at the Research Department of Clinical, Educational, and Health Psychology, University College London (UK). Sebastian is a trained and licensed psychodynamic psychotherapist (EFPP) group psychotherapist (D3G) and specialist for psychosomatics and psychosocial medicine (SAPPM). He has been teaching, practicing and supervising MBT and MBT-G in Germany, Switzerland and Austria since 2012 and has assisted in several MBT basic trainings at the AFNCCF and international MBT centres. He is associate and supervisor of the MBT day hospital treatment and research program for eating disorders (MBT-ED) at the University of Freiburg (Germany). Together with Prof Svenja Taubner, he is establishing the German MBT training centre  at the University of Heidelberg (MBT Germany).

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