Sally Hogg

Sally Hogg


Parent-Infant Foundation


Sally Hogg, Head of Policy and Campaigning, Parent-Infant Foundation

Sally Hogg is Head of Policy and Campaigning at the Parent-Infant Foundation. Sally leads the Foundation’s work to raise awareness of the importance of early relationships and to drive change at a local and national level. This includes coordinating the 1001 Critical Days Movement and APPG.

Sally is passionate about the emotional wellbeing of babies and their parents. Over the past 10 years, she has worked in a range of roles in this field, including as Strategic Lead at the Maternal Mental Health Alliance and as Development Manager for Children Under One at the NSPCC, where she developed and implemented research-led interventions. Prior to this, Sally was a Civil Servant working on Children’s Policy in the UK and Australia. In her ‘spare time’ Sally is a governor of a preschool and a regular columnist in the International Journal of Birth and Parenting Education. Sally works part time and spends most of her week with her two lovely boys, aged 2 and 4.

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