Sanna Isosävi


Sanna Isosävi is a researcher from the University of Tampere, Finland and a clinician working in the field of parent-infant psychotherapy. She is interested in the pre-and postnatal periods in dangerous and high-risk conditions, and her research looks into how parental trauma, mental health, and representations contribute to the intergenerational transmission of risk. She has studied these phenomena among substance-abusing infant families and families living in war conditions. Most recently she has been focusing on understanding parental trauma-related dysregulation, defences and and hypo-and hyperarousal with using the ARR system. 

(Peer reviewed) publications: 

  •       Isosävi, S. (2015). Not-knowing as a part of sensitive early motherhood in the context of infant observation [Ei-tietäminen osana sensitiivistä varhaista äitiyttä: kontekstina vauvahavainointiprosessi]. Psykoterapia 34 (4), 299-309.
  •       Isosävi, S., Flykt, M., Belt, R., Posa, T., Kuittinen, S., Puura, K. & Punamäki, R-L. (2016). Attachment Representations Among Substance-abusing Women in Transition to Motherhood: Implications for Prenatal Emotions and Mother-infant interaction. Attachment and Human Development 18 (3) 1-27.
  •       Quota, S., Diab, S., Isosävi, S., Kuittinen, S., & Punamäki, R-L. (under review). Maternal pre- and postnatal mental health and infant development in war conditions: the Gaza Infant Study. Journal of traumatic stress.
  •       Isosävi, S., Diab, S.Y., Kangaslampi, S., Qouta, S., Kuittinen, S., Puura, K., & Punamäki, R-L. (under review). Maternal trauma affects prenatal mental health and infant stress regulation among Palestinian dyads. Infant Mental Health Journal.
  •       Sleed, M. & Isosävi, S. (manuscript under preparation): The assessment of representational risk (ARR): development and psychometric properties of a new tool for assessing risk in parent-infant relationship. Attachment and Human Development.
  •       Isosävi, S. Diab, S.Y., Kangaslampi, S., Qouta, S., Kuittinen, S., Sleed, M. Puura, S., & Punamäki, R-L. (manuscript under preparation). Maternal high risk representations of child in conditions of military conflict: associations with pre-and postnatal mental health and quality of mother–infant interaction. Development & Psychopathology.

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