Sigmund Karterud


University of Oslo


Sigmund Karterud, MD, PhD is a professor of psychiatry at the Institute for Clinical Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, University of Oslo (UiO), and medical director of the Department for Personality Psychiatry, Oslo University Hospital. He is also head of the Research Group for Personality Psychiatry at UiO and for the Norwegian Network of Personality Oriented Treatment Programs in Norway. The Department for Personality Psychiatry includes a MBT quality laboratory as well as the National Competence Services for Personality Psychiatry which serves as a consultant agency for the Ministry of Health and coordinates education and training in assessment and treatment of personality disorders in Norway. He is trained in psychoanalytic psychotherapy, in particular self psychology, group analysis and mentalization-based treatment (MBT). He is founding president of the Norwegian Group Psychotherapy Association and was a training group analyst at the Institute for Group Analysis, Oslo, until 2008. His book “Group analysis and psychodynamic group psychotherapy” (1999) is a major textbook for all group analytic training programs in Scandinavia. Recent books include “Textbook of Personality Psychiatry” (2010). Currently he is head of the Norwegian Institute for Mentalization which provides MBT training in Norway. He has published three manuals for MBT (in Norwegian). The manuals for psychoeducation and for individual MBT are co-authored with Anthony Bateman. An English version of the manual for mentalization-based group therapy (MBT-G) (Oslo, 2012) will be published by Oxford University Press during fall 2015.

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