Brenda McHugh


Anna Freud National Centre for Children and Families


Brenda is a Consultant Systemic Psychotherapist, teacher and Co-Head of the Anna Freud Service for Schools and is one of the lead sponsors and founders of The Family School, London which is an innovative Specialist Alternative Provision school approved by the Department for Education.

She supervises the intensive multi-family treatment programme at the Marlborough Family Education Centre, Central and North West London NHS Foundation Trust, where for thirty years she was Joint Head of Profession, Mental Health Intervention in Schools. Following successful delivery of targeted mental health in London schools as part of the London-wide TAMHS offer, she now supervises the delivery of mental health interventions in schools in Brent, Bexley and Cambridge. She continues to train mental health, psychology and teaching professionals to run multi family groups in schools. At present she is co-authoring with Neil Dawson the production of a multi-media on-line training for psychologists, therapists, teachers and related professionals ( She is a co-author of Multiple Family Therapy: the Marlborough Model. She is also co-author and producer of the unique computer/ video training pack Family Therapy Basics featuring John Cleese. She has worked extensively in the UK, Scandinavia and Germany, consulting to and training professionals who are setting up Marlborough Family Groups in schools. A Danish edition of her book has been published and she has contributed to policy at local and national levels in Scandinavia.

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