Mary van der Merwe

Mary van der Merwe


Mary is a highly experienced trainer. Since 2016 she has been delivering training for Parenting Special Children, a Berkshire based charity. She has experience on a range of topics including; Autism, childhood trauma and sensory challenges.

In addition to her training role, Mary provides one-to-one support for parents and families, working with schools and other agencies. She also facilitates safe social spaces for neurodivergent young people.

She has in-depth knowledge and personal experience of the unique adventures and challenges experienced by neurodivergent children and their parents as she supports her own neurodivergent children and husband.

Mary is passionate about ensuring neurodivergent individuals feel accepted, confident to be their authentic selves and empowered to thrive using their own individual strengths.

She strives to better equip parents and professionals to support and help children/young people to thrive.

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