Olive Moloney

Olive Moloney




Olive is a new Associate AMBIT Trainer at the Anna Freud Centre. She is a clinical psychologist who trained at the University of East London (2007-2010). Olive is the Clinical Director at MAC-UK, a charity that seeks to radically transform services for excluded young people. She has led their founding project, Music and Change, for 2 years, and set up Integrate Southwark, a multiagency project, with a group of young people from Peckham, in partnership with Southwark Council and South London and the Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust. Olive has worked within MAC-UK for 4 years, implementing and now overseeing the delivery of the Integrate Model to young people who offend and find services hard to reach. AMBIT has been a key framework which structures the operations of the teams that deliver Integrate, with mentalization-based work at the core of therapeutic relationships with young people. She has trained teams within MAC-UK to deliver AMBIT within the Integrate Model, and also works with theĀ Anna Freud National Centre for Children and Families' MBT-F team 0.5 days a week.

Olive previously worked in forensic mental health services and is a member of the Community Psychology Network. Her doctoral research explored the positions young people who offend can be placed in and take up, and what options can be available to them through their interactions with each other and professional adults.

She is passionate about working alongside young people to intervene early to prevent them getting involved in cycles of exclusion, violence and institutionalisation. She believes that in order to impact on their wellbeing and their opportunities to do something different, the structures and systems around young people who offend must change.

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