Suzanne Murphy


University of Bedfordshire, National Institute of Health Research (NIHR)


Suzanne has conducted research into developmental psychology since completing her PhD at the Open University in 2000.  Her PhD work concerned young children’s social interactions and how these may impact on learning. Since then, she has carried out a number of projects involving different aspects of children’s peer relations such as popularity, friendships and bullying. More recently, she has been involved in projects looking at the best ways of supporting children who have social communication disorders, including children with autism spectrum disorders. She was based at the Open University until 2003 and then moved to the University of Bedfordshire where she is presently employed. In her role as the associate director of the National Institute of Health Research (NIHR) Research Design Services for the East of England, she advises researchers hoping to apply to NIHR for research funds. Most recently, she has, in collaboration with Prof Uttom Chowhury, led a pilot research project within CAMHS clinics in Bedfordshire to explore the potential of using CBT for anxiety, particularly social anxiety, for young people with autism spectrum disorders. 

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