Fleur Piacentini

Fleur Piacentini


Fleur Piacentini comes from a blend of change management and mental health backgrounds. They have many years of experience working for blue chip companies and the NHS, where they have extensive hands-on experience working in NHS inpatient, outpatient, and community settings, as well as adult autism diagnosis in recent years.

Fleur is a speaker, trainer, and campaigner for autistic people with advisory specialisations in equality, diversity, and inclusion, trauma, and humanistic approaches.

They have worked in advisory roles for health and social care organisations, using their professional and lived experience, where they advocate for individuals, families, and parent/carer groups navigating the SEND system.

Fleur is Neurodivergent and is the parent and carer of Neurodivergent and Neurodiverse family members.

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