Camilla Rosan

Camilla Rosan


Camilla works at the Mental Health Foundation leading a national portfolio of prevention programmes related to families, parenting, infants, children and young people. Camilla is a perinatal clinical psychologist and couple therapist by background and across her clinical career has held a range of therapeutic roles in the NHS, local authority and other third sector organisations. She currently maintains a small private clinic focusing on perinatal and parent infant therapy.

Camilla completed an undergraduate degree in psychology and neuroscience at Sussex University. After working for a number of years in the social care field related to parenting and child protection, she was later awarded a quality improvement leaders fellowship with NIHR Collaboration for Leadership in Applied Health Research and Care (CLAHRC). After training as a clinical psychologist at Oxford University and completing her doctoral thesis on co-parenting approaches in the early years at Imperial College London, she moved into the third sector to lead national service development work related to perinatal and infant mental health. Camilla retains an honorary clinical academic post at Imperial College London in the Centre for Psychiatry and has published extensively in peer-review journals, therapy manuals, book chapters, policy reports and national guidelines. She has a specialist research interest in developing the field of couples work from pre-conception across the transition to parenthood and beyond and is involved in several research projects to develop the evidence-base in this area. Camilla teaches on a range of undergraduate and postgraduate courses, supervises extensively  and sits on many government level expert advisory groups for perinatal and infant mental health. She lives in South London with her partner, daughter and Westie Terrier.

A selection of recent published works:

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