Cedric Sachser


University Hospital Ulm


Cedric Sachser (M.Sc.-Psych.) works as a research scientist and clinician at the University Clinic of Ulm at the Department of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry / Psychology. He has earned his Master Degree in Psychology in 2015 at the Ulm University. Since March 2015 he is working at the Department of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry / Psychology and is doing his training to get a licensed child and adolescent psychotherapist. He was introduced to the field of child and adolescent psychotraumatology by his former Ph.D. supervisor Prof. Dr. Lutz Goldbeck. Cedric Sachser’s main research focuses on the nosology, assessment and treatment of PTSD in children and adolescents. He has worked in several research projects e.g. Treat Child Trauma (TCT) a randomized controlled trial on the effectiveness of TF-CBT in children and adolescents in 8 German mental health clinic or in an international consortium on the development and validation of the Child and Adolescent Trauma Screening Questionnaire (CATS).

Courses this tutor is involved in