Freena Tailor

Freena Tailor


Anna Freud National Centre for Children & Families


Freena Tailor is a Clinical Associate in Applied Psychology for Children and Young People, and has been working in NHS CAMHS. She completed her MSc in Applied Psychology for CYP, which focused on early intervention and prevention at the University of Edinburgh. During this time, she was trained in various evidence-based parenting programmes such as Webster-Stratton’s The Incredible Years, Triple P and Mellow Parenting. Freena currently has several roles; she works as Clinical Director for a third-sector Children’s Mental Health Service. She is a Clinical Practice Tutor at the AFNCCF on a post-graduate course for Children’s Wellbeing Practitioner’s (CWP) at UCL. She also clinically supervises CYP IAPT Under 5s trainees. Prior to this, Freena worked as a Senior CAMHS Clinician carrying out clinical assessments and interventions to children, adolescents and families as well as offering mental health training, consultation and supervision to Social Care, Early Help and Education staff. Her passion for delivering mental health training has expanded to work with AFNCCF’s Schools In Mind network in delivering workshops nationally.

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