Dr Ann York


Ann worked clinically as a consultant in Tier 3 CAMHS from 1998 to May 2014, when she ‘retired’ from the NHS. She continues to work in the area of service improvement, which is her absolute passion- to support services to develop into ones that are excellent for young people and their families and great places to work in. She has extensive experience in service development both within her own team and working with over 600 teams around the world.

Ann is trained in demand and capacity management. Together with her colleague Dr Steve Kingsbury she developed the Choice and Partnership Approach (CAPA). CAPA has spread by word of mouth around the world and is used in mental health services across the age range. They have worked with over 6000 staff in the UK, Ireland, Belgium, Netherlands, Canada, New Zealand and Australia, including clinicians, managers and commissioners. They have written a 4th book, The Choice and Partnership Approach- a service transformation model, 2013 and run a website to support change in CAMHS: www.capa.co.uk

Ann’s clinical interests include neurodevelopmental disorders and depression. She was an undergraduate and postgraduate trainer and she has wide teaching and training experience. She is resolutely committed to making a difference and creating change.

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