Class of 2012

Some of our 2010 Graduates share their thoughts on completing a postgraduate degree at the Anna Freud National Centre for Children and Families


    Eleni Panagiotopoulou         Ambra Bottari           



      Krithvi Shyam                    Leonardo Bevilacqua      

What did you take away from your experience as an Anna Freud Centre postgraduate? (any particular memory/favourite element of the course)

Learning how to be systematic in conducting research, and developing critical thinking skills. It sounds pretty basic, but this was one element of the course that has consistently come to my rescue in every job I've held since graduating (Krithvi Shyam, DNP)

I think the best part was the fact that the course had several different components, child observation in nursery and mother-infant observation. Also I could join the Developmental Neuroscience Lab, where I had a training on EEG. Many different components, both practical and theoretical...( Leonardo Bevilacqua, PDP)

Besides loving the fact that I got to know people from all over the world with whom i kept in touch over these 5 years...I also had good job offers related to my academic background. (Ambra Bottari, PDP)

I loved the observation modules, especially the infant observation one, since it gave me the opportunity to touch by hand psychoanalytic theories related to the first few months of life.What I enjoyed most about studying at the Anna Freud Centre is the fact that it was a small community, which felt like home. Moreover, the observational modules of the course allowed us to see theory in practice which was very interesting and exciting, (Elena  Panagiotopoulou, PDP)

What do you wish you had known prior to starting the course? 

I wish I had a bit more practice in writing essays before starting the course. I didn't know how to structure them and even the thought of writing 3000 words made me quake in my boots! Luckily my professors were very supportive and gave me some practice essays to work on so that I could get up to speed. (Krithvi Shyam, DNP)

I think the course is an essential step towards pursuing  further training in psychoanalysis/psychotherapy and for this reason the more experience you have, the better. Elena  Panagiotopoulou, PDP)

Where are you now? What are you doing?  (please list any academic or professional endeavours since graduating from the course)

After graduating, I worked as a psychologist with a major Indian hospital for a couple of years. I moved into management consulting after that and have stayed in the field since. I'm now a senior consultant in the HR consulting arm of one of the Big 4 accounting firms. (Krithvi Shyam, DNP)  

am currently completing my PhD and I am a full-time research assistant. I have worked as an assistant Psychologist too and I still have some involvement in clinical work (Helen Bamber Foundation) ( Leonardo Bevilacqua, PDP)

After the MSc i had to take another master's programme in italy and I am doing the psychotherapy training right now. I have worked for a children's hospital for almost 3 years and now I work as an HR specialist at PwC Italy. (Ambra Bottari, PDP)

Where to next? (please list any future objectives you hope to attain after graduating from the course)

I would love to become a student again and work towards a PhD, but this is still a bit of a pipe dream! (Krithvi Shyam, DNP)

I will apply for the DClinPsy and try to be a clinical academic - wish me luck! ( Leonardo Bevilacqua, PDP)

Who knows..? ;) (Ambra Bottari, PDP)

After my PhD, I will apply for a Post-Doc position, while I would also like to train in psychodynamic psychotherapy. (Elena  Panagiotopoulou, PDP)