Class of 2017

Some of our recent 2017 Graduates share their thoughts on completing a postgraduate degree at the Anna Freud National Centre for Children and Families


Lily Hornsby Clark   Victoria Nicolodi  Chloe Austerberry  Hannah Tyson  Rita Haroun

What did you take away from your experience as an Anna Freud Centre postgraduate? 

The most important take away for me was the support network I build up on the course. I developed very close friendships with the other students on the course. The quality of teaching and mentorship I received from the academic staff at AFNCCF/UCL and at Yale was also instrumental in making my time throughout so special. I feel incredibly lucky to have such great minds be so generous with the time and support they gave to me. (Chloe Austerberry, DNP)

A new love of psychoanalytic ideas and an understanding of the powerful nature of childhood experiences on the adult psyche. (Lily Hornsby Clark, PDP)

I don't even know where I would begin or how long it would take me to answer this question! Other than the cutting-edge, hot-off the press, invaluable knowledge and practical experience, the incredibly unique atmosphere... AFNCCF is very much a community where individuals from all over the world come together with a passion for promoting mental health and providing the best possible services for children and families--which means that as a student you will constantly be surrounded by incredibly intelligent, motivated, reflective, kind, and supportive individuals!  (Rita Haroun, DPCP)

What stands out for you about being a postgraduate student based at the Anna Freud National Centre for Children and Families? 

It is hard to pick just one component of the course that stands out for myself as a postgraduate student. However, I believe the opportunity to get in touch with early interventions as the PIP team and the Toddler service were extremely valuable. (Victoria Nicolidi, PDP)

Personally, being a postgraduate student based at the Anna Freud Centre has given me a really unique background- particularly an enthusiasm for multi-disciplinary research which has been a talking point in a lot of interviews and definitely helped me achieve a place on my current program. (Hannah Tyson, DNP)

Being a postgraduate student at AFNCCF is like being part of an extremely motivated and talented family. Everyone is invested in helping students bring their ideas and goals to fruition in the most supportive way possible. (Rita Haroun, DPCP)

What would you like to tell future students about studying on your particular programme?

Not to worry! Because of the nature of the DNP programme, you get a lot of people with a lot of different interests and backgrounds, and it’s natural to worry that you don’t know enough about a certain area. I started the programme with only one undergraduate module’s worth of knowledge in neuroscience, and now I’m starting a PhD in it!! (Hannah Tyson, DNP)

To embrace this amazing opportunity to study and read all the greats! (Lily Hornsby Clark, PDP)

I would tell them not to worry about finding a baby for the parent-infant observation module. Yes, it´s not an easy task, especially if you´re an overseas student with no contacts in London, but EVERY student eventually finds a pregnant mother, so don´t panic! Remember that social media is always helpful! (Muriel De Barbieri Zornoza, PDP)

Where are you now? What are you doing?  

I am currently studying at the Tavistock and Portman and carrying out my second year of baby observation. I also work at the Anna Freud Centre Toddler Service and at a Primary school as a Trainee counselor. (Victoria Nicolidi, PDP)

Working as a Research Officer at the Anna Freud and UCL Child Attachment and Psychological Therapies Research Unit.  (Chloe Austerberry, DNP)

Applying for the BPF/IPCAPA child psychotherapy doctorate to begin in September 2018. (Lily Hornsby Clark, PDP)

Where to next?

I want to go back to my country and develop the work with early intervention. (Victoria Nicolidi, PDP)

I am applying this year to do a PhD. (Chloe Austerberry, DNP)

I’m hoping to carry on with multi-disciplinary research, working in Medical, Bioscience and Psychology labs over the next year before choosing what my PhD will focus on. (Hannah Tyson, DNP)

My plan is to continue doing clinical work with children, and to eventually start the training to become a psychoanalyst at the Peruvian Society of Psychoanalysis. (Muriel De Barbieri Zornoza, PDP)