Regional Ambassadors 2016

12th February 2016 By:

Our Alumni Network is represented across the world by our Anna Freud National Centre for Children and Families Regional Ambassadors. 

Last year we were delighted to appoint around 15 regional ambassadors who were instrumental in helping fly the flag for the Anna Freud Centre and in particular its postgraduate programmes.  Thank you to those who helped disseminate our courses to the next generation of brilliant future clinicians, researchers or hybrids!  This year, we have a similar group including a few new faces (recent graduates) who will be continuing the work.   Find out more about these Regional Ambassadors and in particular what they are doing.  These include Kayla and Julie (from the USA), Julien (Canada), Marc (China and Malaysia), Sisi (China and Taiwan), Erika (Japan), Jeffy (Hong Kong), Dana (Israel), Diba (Iran), Natasha (Lebanon), Tanya (India), Mariana (Mexico) and Maria Paz (Peru).

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