Professor Eamon McCrory about the DNP 10 year anniversary

28th June 2016 By:

Professor Eamon McCrory about the successful ten years of DNP.

The course has continued to evolve over the last ten years and has steadily incorporated more neuroscience elements, other perspectives (notably systemic approaches) and research skills-based training. Most recently an assessment focussing on science communication has been introduced. When the course was first set up in 2006, it was known as Psychodynamic Developmental Neuroscience (PDN) but with this evolution in content and focus a broader title was introduced in response to student feedback, especially from those seeking to progress to PhDs. Nevertheless, the psychoanalytic component of the course has remained a core part of the programme. Last year, the course was reclassified as an MRes (a Master of Research) which means that much more of the marks are accorded to the research portfolio in the second year. This change reflected the increasing proportion of DNP graduates going on to undertake further research or complete PhDs. Indeed, from last year’s cohort of graduates, 70 per cent of them are now doing PhDs. We have had many exceptional graduates from the course over the last decade who are now developing their careers and areas of expertise across different academic and clinical settings and in different continents. It is a great delight that one of our very first graduates, Sarah Yip, is now at Yale and involved in sponsoring the current cohort of students. There are plans to continue building on the programme over the coming years with plans for a UCL/Yale doctoral programme on developmental neuroscience and psychopathology - news hopefully to follow!