Child Attachment and Psychological Therapies Research (ChAPTRe)

4th November 2016 By:

ChAPTRe is a new research unit, developed as a partnership between the Anna Freud Centre and University College London (UCL), and is co-directed by Dr Nick Midgley and Prof Pasco Fearon.  Amongst the senior research fellows who are part of ChAPTRe will be Saul Hillman, Michelle Sleed, Yael Shmueli-Goetz and Evrionmy Avdi.  

We have also just employed two recent graduates from MSc PDP, Antonella Cirasola and Grace West.  The mission of the research unit which is to provide a space for developing and promoting psychotherapy research related to children and young people, including research that not only evaluates the outcomes of a range of psychological therapies but also aims to develop a better understanding of child psychopathology and its developmental trajectories as well as the mechanisms of therapeutic change. We are hoping to work internally with services at the Anna Freud as well as developing new studies that will help bridge strong links between researchers and clinicians, bringing together experts with experience and skills in a range of research methodologies and who offer their expertise relevant to  attachment, development and psychological therapies. The group within ChAPTRe has expertise in attachment and mentalization, and experience of conducting clinical evaluation and process research for interventions in early years, middle childhood and adolescence. A number of members have been involved in the development of assessment measures related to attachment and mentalization, as well as treatment development research, and have experience of supervising a wide range of research at MSc and PhD level.  If any Alumni have any ideas or requests, please do get in touch.

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