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31st January 2017 By:

We're delighted to confirm our set of Regional Ambassadors for this Academic Year.

For the last three years, we have had a number of Regional Ambassadors across the world who have been helping promote our activities, in particular post graduate study courses,  in order to benefit the next generation of students wishing to study at the Anna Freud National Centre for Children and Families. We are hugely grateful to this core group of people who have been building up these contacts and allowing PGS to maintain its healthy international contingent. If anyone wishes to contact these alumni (listed on the site), please contact myself in the first instance. We are delighted now to welcome Martha Isaza (Columbia), who also graduated in PDP last year and will be our first ambassador in this country, Macarena Fuentes (Chile) who is still studying and becomes our first ambassador from this country, Lucy McGregor (Australia) who is also still studying and becomes our first ambassador from Australia.  We’re delighted to have on board Donia Heider (Canada) who takes over from Julien Leroux who is about to enter the world of parenthood but did a fantastic job for us.   We’re also delighted to welcome Adriana Alayza (Peru), who graduated in PDP last year, and takes over from Maria Paz, who again has been a fine ambassador for us.  We’re also pleased to still have on board this amazing group - Kayla and Julie (USA), Mariana (Mexico), Sisi and Marc (China), Eriko (Japan), Tanya (India), Diba (Iran), Dana (Israel) and Jeffy (Hong Kong).

Meet all our Regional Ambassadors here

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