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Nick Midgley has been busy disseminating findings from the IMPACT study which can be accessed in several publications. 

Goodyer, I., Reynolds, S., Barrett, B., Byford, S., Dubicka, B., Hill, J., Holland, F., Kelvin, R., Midgley, N., Roberts, C., Senior, R., Target, M., Widmer, B., Wilkinson, P., Fonagy, P. (2016). Effectiveness And Cost-Effectiveness Of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy And Short-Term Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy Compared With Brief Psychosocial Intervention In Maintaining Reduced Depressive Symptoms 12 months after end of treatment in Adolescents with Unipolar Major Depression (IMPACT): A Pragmatic Superiority Randomised Controlled Trial. Lancet Psychiatry


He has also contributed towards further papers out this year which are also linked to the IMPACT-ME study

Midgley, N., Isaacs, D., Weitkamp, K. and Target, M. (2016). The experience of adolescents participating in a randomised clinical trial in the field of mental health: A qualitative study. Trials, 17:364

Parkinson, S., Eatough, V., Holmes, J., Stapley, E. and Midgley, N. (2016). Framework Analysis: A worked example of a study exploring young people’s experiences of depression, Qualitative Research in Psychology, 13(2): 109-129. doi: 10.1080/14780887.2015.1119228

Stapley, E., Target, M. and Midgley, N. (2016). Experience of being the parent of an adolescent with a diagnosis of depression, Journal of Child and Family Studies, 25(2): 618-630. doi: 10.1007/s10826-015-0237-0

Midgley, N., Parkinson, S., Holmes, J., Stapley, E., Eatough, V. and Target, M. (2016). 'Did I bring it on myself?': How adolescents referred to mental health services make sense of their own depression. European Child and Adolescent Psychiatry. doi: 10.1007/s00787

Weitkamp, K., Klein, E., Wiegand-Grefe, S. and Midgley, N. (2016). The experience of depression: A qualitative study of adolescents with depression entering psychotherapy. Global Qualitative Nursing Research, Vol. 3, doi: 10.1177/2333393616649548

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