Anna Freud Regional Ambassadors

These are our Regional Ambassadors for the Alumni Network and are helping to ensure that the Anna Freud National Centre for Children and Families is active and maintained in all corners of the globe. 

Our alumni listed below are helping us disseminate our postgraduate programmes to different parts of the world so we can continue to grow our programmes and turn out outstanding graduates.

North America

Derek Groskreutz (USA)

Derek graduated from DNP this year. He is currently working at Yale in Neuroendocrinology, studying how different metabolic disorders change brain circuitry and behavior over time.

Central / South America

Mariana Von Mohr (Mexico)

Mariana (DNP, 2013-15) is now in the first year of her PhD at UCL, supervised by Dr. Katerina Fotopoulou. Her PhD research will focus on the social modulation of pain. 

Adriana Alayza (Peru)


Adriana (PDP,2015-16) has just graduated from PDP and is currently back in Peru.

Martha Isaza (Columbia) 


Martha (PDP,2015-16) has just graduated from PDP and is currently back in Columbia.

Macarena Fuentes (Chile)  


Macarena is currently completing her first year on PDP.

Asia (Far East)

Sisi Lin (China, Taiwan)

Sisi (PDP, 2013-14) graduated from Psychoanalytic Developmental Psychology in 2014 and currently is running her own startup company SISHU limited in London, offering Chinese-culture-specific courses to young children and families! 

Marc Archer (China, Malaysia)

Marc (PDP, 2000-01) graduated from Psychoanalytic Developmental Psychology in 2001 and currently works in China where he is involved in setting up and teaching postgraduate programmes in Child Development, as well as being involved in research.

Eriko Suwa (Japan)
Eriko (PDP, 2009-10) is currently working as a faculty staff member within a Japanese university (Meijiro University) in Tokyo where she delivers lectures and clinical supervisions to the students. 

Asia (Middle East)

Tanya Vasunia (India)

Tanya (PDP, 2013-14) currently works in an NGO called Ummeed. It is a multi-disciplinary child development center in Mumbai. She is part of the mental health team where her role is a mix between research and clinical work.

Areej Jaffrani (Pakistan)

 Rita Maroun (Lebanon)

 Hida Caliskan

Hida attended the DPCP course at the Anna Freud Centre between 2015-2017. She currently works as a child and adolescent psychologist at a private psychiatry clinic in İstanbul, Turkey.  


Lucy McGregor (Australia)


Lucy is currently completing her first year on PDP.