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We have put together a selection of resources that include information about career paths, case studies of Alumni and video podcasts.

We are delighted to have some short interviews with a number of our alumni who graduated from the MSc and embarked upon a range of different career paths including Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy, Adult Psychoanalysis, Clinical Psychology, Play therapy, Educational Psychology, Academic/Research psychology and Social Work.

We also offer practical information and resources about these different career paths.

We hope to share a number of fascinating videos from conferences and seminars, and are happy to share any of your own material. Currently, we have posted 8 videos from presentations from the Alumni Conference held last summer to celebrate 20 years of MSc programmes at the Anna Freud National Centre for Children and Families. These talks include key note speeches by Professor Peter Fonagy and Professor Mary Target, as well as 6 of our outstanding alumni.