Pritha Mani - School Counsellor and MSc PDP graduate

What do you do now? Can you tell us briefly about your work?
Since leaving programme I worked as a special educator for a year. I then completed a 2 year MA in counselling and worked in schools, clinics, NGOs and hospitals both in India and in Switzerland as a counsellor.
I currently work as a school counsellor in India and I also see clients privately in my own practice. I work on a range of different issues: anxiety/panic attacks, grief/loss, attachment difficulties, bullying, anger/stress management, parental conflict, self esteem, friendships, organizational skills, mood disorders etc.

Can you remember what you wanted to do when you started your MSc? What did you have in mind?
I wanted to work in a clinic or an NGO.

What do you think was the greatest thing you took from your course at the Anna Freud National Centre for Children and Families into your subsequent training/work?

I really loved the practical aspect of the course. The observations and discussions of parent toddler groups.

What did you first feel when the course/training finished? What were your plans?
Anxious. I was not sure what my plans were.

What were the 2 or 3 most important bits of advice you could give to someone wanting to go down a similar route?
I think what I learned on my own is to embrace every opportunity as it comes and to be proactive. I would encourage individuals to explore different avenues in mental health care whether it’s working in a clinic, NGO, school or opening your private practice. I would also stress on having patience.

And what was your journey post MSc in terms of getting experience?
I learned a lot about psychoanalysis and it’s helped me in my work with clients.

Why did you choose this path?
It’s one of the most fascinating paths to choose from!

Once you got to where you are now, what would you say had changed in you?
I think my sense of determination has definitely changed. Now, I’m quite certain of what I want and I feel humbled by my experience. Persistency and hard work will get you there in the end!

Why would you recommend this career?
I think it’s the building block to almost any career (in any field) these days. I would recommend this career to those who are genuinely invested in helping people navigate life’s challenges.