MRes Developmental Neuroscience and Psychopathology

This is a unique two-year UCL international Masters programme, with the first year based at University College London and the second year based at Yale University, New Haven in the USA. Typically 10 students are accepted each year. The focus of this programme is on understanding the emergence of developmental psychopathology from multiple perspectives, drawing on neurobiological, cognitive, developmental, clinical and psychoanalytic perspectives. A substantial research project is completed in the second year at Yale. As an MRes, this Master’s programme provides an excellent framework to advance students' research skills, important for those planning a future PhD or Clinical Doctorate. 

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Further Information

For more information about the programme, including content, structure and fees or to make an application, please visit the UCL website.

Please note: From 2019 post-graduate teaching will move to a new Centre of Excellence as part of the development of the Anna Freud National Centre for Children and Families. Teaching will no longer take place at Maresfield Gardens. If you are accepted on to a programme, we will keep you informed of the changes. You can find out more information about the Centre of Excellence here.


For all enquiries related to this programme, please contact the Course Administrator Danielle Berry