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MSc Psychoanalytic Developmental Psychology

This programme provides a unique foundation for individuals interested in pursuing a psychotherapy training or an academic career in childhood development.

The programme combines consideration of psychoanalysis as a coherent theory of early development, and as a therapeutic method.  By undertaking two observations across the whole year students see theory come to life in the development of the children they are observing. Students choose a research project from a range offered to them, which mainly focus on questions relevant to child development or psychotherapy.

Video Testimonials

Visit the student testimonials page for more videos from our Alumni.

Career prospects

Students who successfully complete this programme can apply their degree in a number of settings. Our graduates have found work as psychology assistants, or child mental health workers, taken up posts as senior research fellows and have been admitted to psychotherapy trainings in both adult and child programmes. Some have gone onto developing their research interests through PhD study at internationally recognised universities, whilst others have gone into areas such as teacher training, speech science and related child development fields.

Further Information

For more information about the programme, including content, structure and fees or to make an application, please visit the UCL website.


For all enquiries related to this programme, please contact the Programme Officer Rosie Stevens.