CASCADE: Schools and CAMHS Partnership Training

Schools and CAMHS Partnership Training: Bringing together Mental Health leads in Schools and Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) to embed long term collaboration and integrated working. 


This training has already been delivered across 22 CCGs as part of the Joint DfE and NHSE schools link pilot, testing a single point of access in schools and mental health services.   The training comprises of two workshops delivered at least 6 weeks apart.  The workshops are for Education and Mental Health professionals and aim to bring together representatives from up to 10 schools and their local CAMHS service, building stronger links and communication between these professionals.

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The workshop takes a blended learning approach, drawing on evidence-based approaches to both training and system transformation. We focus on ensuring Schools and CAMHS work in partnership to embed learning as part of sustainable organisational change in order to improve mental health and resilience for all children, young people and their families within the locality.

The workshops use case studies and cover content around depression, anxiety, school approaches to fostering resilience and the use of outcome measures.

The aim is to embed long term, sustainable and locally-owned collaboration between schools and CAMHS. To support this work we use our CASCADE framework which focuses on the following key elements of partnership working:

  • Clarity on remit, roles and responsibilities of partner organisations
  • Agreed best use of key points of contact in schools and CAMHS
  • Structures to support shared planning and collaborative working
  • Common approach to outcome measures for children and young people
  • Ability to continue to learn and draw on best practice
  • Development of integrated working to promote rapid and better access to support
  • Evidence based approach to intervention

Aims of the training

  •        Develop a shared view of strengths and  limitations and  capabilities and capacities of education and mental health professionals
  •        Increase knowledge of resources to support mental health of children and young people
  •        Ensure more effective use of existing resources
  •        Improved joint working between education and mental health professionals


The original pilot to 22 CCGs was funded by the Department for Education to improve mental health services for children in 255 schools: Hundreds of schools benefit from £3 million mental health investment.

For more information or if you are interested commissioning this training for schools and mental health professionals in your local area, please email