Forensic Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (F:CAMHS) are 13 new services designed for young people about whom there are questions regarding mental health or learning disability, high risk of harm towards others, major family or professional concern, and/or who are in contact with the youth justice system. F:CAMHS were commissioned as part of a national service specification.

SECURE STAIRS is a new model of care, which is being implemented in Young Offending Institutions, Secure Training Centres and Secure Children’s Homes for under 18's in the UK. The model involves training staff to provide more psychologically informed care, centred around comprehensive, co-produced assessments of young people’s needs to ensure all needs are identified.

EBPU is examining how the F:CAMHS and SECURE STAIRS programmes are implemented, assessing the theory of change for the programmes and exploring whether they are effective at identifying and meeting young people's needs.