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Schools Outreach Therapy Service

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    Who we help

    Our Schools Outreach Therapy Service is for children, young people and families who are struggling with a range of complex difficulties in the classroom. The sessions are offered at the school that they attend. Our experienced schools outreach therapists have expertise in delivering highly specialist and innovative therapeutic interventions in primary, secondary and special schools.

    The aim of the intervention is to support children and young people who are experiencing difficulties with their learning due to behavioural or mental health related issues. The intervention provides opportunities for children to explore their difficulties whilst supporting them to re-engage with their learning.

  • How we help

    The service supports children and young people by:

    • Re-engaging children who are vulnerable, depressed or anxious
    • Strengthening children's ability to manage their behaviour
    • Equipping children to improve their academic achievements
    • Supporting children who are struggling with their family circumstances
    • Improving children's psychological and emotional well-being
    • Helping families to support their children in school
    • Enhancing teachers' ability to manage and support struggling students
    • Minimising the impact of children with conduct problems on their peers

    The service has been designed to reduce feelings of anxiety, anger, stigma and fear often associated with being referred to mental health based services. It aims to work with teachers to enhance educational achievements and therefore improve the life chances of every child referred.


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    How we learn and develop

    It is important for us to track the progress that children and families make across the course of our involvement and so we are currently developing a range of evaluation methods.

    The AFC Brent School Outreach Therapy Team's service user feedback from young people, families and teachers has been excellent so far, and will be built into the team wide service evaluation, due to run from March 2015.

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    How we train others

    Our school outreach therapist offer training and consultation to school staff. The Services for Schools Programme also offers training in the following ways:

    Brent Schools Outreach Therapy Team

    We have a specifically commissioned outreach therapy team who are part of a multi-disciplinary Brent Inclusion and Support Team, set up in April 2014. The aim of the Anna Freud Centre provision is to promote joint working and integration of mental health services to develop effective working relationships with the children and families in Brent and their educational facilities.


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    How to find out more

    Enquiries about our schools outreach therapy service can be made to Danielle Bentham, Clinical Administrator:

    Telephone: +44 (0)20 7443 2230