Analysis of Children and Young People’s IAPT routine outcome monitoring data

  • Research Project Team

    • Dr Miranda Wolpert,
    • Matt Barnard
    • Jenna Jacob
    • CORC team




  • Background

    The Child Outcomes Research Consortium (CORC), in collaboration with the Evidence Based Practice Unit (EBPU; an academic unit between University College London and Anna Freud Centre) and MegaNexus (a University College London start-up that specialises in highly secure data storage) has worked since 2011 on the Child and Young People Improving Access to Psychological Therapies (CYP IAPT) Data Collation project.

    CYP IAPT began in 2011 and seeks to improve the quality of care provided by existing services. The CYP IAPT project includes training existing clinicians on evidence based treatments, on service development and leadership, and the introduction of session by session routine outcome monitoring for all clinicians. Routine outcome monitoring in itself offers the opportunity of service improvement by enabling immediate feedback to inform clinical work.

    CORC and its collaborators have been commissioned until the end of 2015 to manage the central collation and analysis of routine outcome monitoring data collected by CYP IAPT trainees and others in sites involved. Clinicians working in sites collect this routine outcome monitoring information using locally based systems and submit it centrally on a quarterly basis. Over the course of the project, over 80 sites across the UK have submitted data centrally with the aim of improving quality through outcomes. Learning from this project has informed the development of the first nationally mandated child and adolescent mental health dataset, which the Health and Social Care Information Centre will collect from 2016.

  • Aims

    • To support sites in the use of routine outcome measures (ROMs)
    • To collate and feedback to sites and more widely findings from this service transformation programme
  • Methodology

    •  Services collect demographic and outcomes data on a local level
    • Data are securely uploaded on a quarterly basis via MegaNexus
    • The pseudonymised data are analysed and reported on by the CORC team