Child Policy Research Unit (CPRU)

  • Research Project Team

    • Julian Edbrooke-Childs
    • Jess Deighton
    • Miranda Wolpert
    • Daniel Hayes
    • Dawid Gondek


    • The UCL Institute of Child Health (ICH)
    • The National Children's Bureau (NCB)
    • The Anna Freud Centre
    • The Social Care Institute of Excellence (SCIE)


    Dr Julian Edbrooke-Childs

  • Background

    The Policy Research Unit in the Health of Children, Young People and Families (abbreviated to the CPRU) was established by the Department of Health in 2011.

    The CPRU is based at the University College London Institute of Child Health and is funded for five years to examine research evidence for policy. EBPU lead the mental health theme within this unit.

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    • To explore service transformation in CAMHS and investigate which aspects of CAMHS associated with the most positive outcomes for children and young people.
    • The data informs our understanding of how to implement initiatives such as CYP-IAPT so that they have maximum benefit for children and young people.
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    CPRU examines what managers, clinicians and children and young people see as the key factors for positive transformation.

    This is done by analysing routinely collected datasets, conducting systematic reviews and exploring young people’s and parent’s views through information such as patient reported outcome measures (PROMS) and patient reported experience measures (PREMs).