Early Years Parenting Unit (EYPU) evaluation

  • Research Project Team

    • Nicola Labuschagne,
    • Michelle Sleed
    • Shqipa Lala



  • Background

    The Early Years Parenting Unit (EYPU) is a clinical treatment programme, made possible through a two-year grant from the Department for Education.

    The programme is specifically aimed at parents with personality difficulties and their children under five who are subject to a Child in Need or Child Protection plan, or on the edge of care.

    The EYPU offers an 18 month treatment programme for families who attend a day unit for two full days a week, using Mentalization Based Therapy (MBT) in individual and group therapy, multi-family therapy, and parent/child therapy.

    The EYPU evaluates its clinical intervention using a range of qualitative and quantitative measures, having been reviewed by the Research Ethics Committee at University College London (UCL).

  • Methodology

    Assessment of parents’ and children’s wellbeing and progress as they move through the 18-month treatment programme is carried out with a wide range of measures focused on child development, attachment, parental mental health and parental reflective functioning. 

    Measures are conducted at baseline, 6-monthly intervals across the 18-month programme and at a 6-month follow-up once families have completed the programme.  

    We also evaluate service user involvement and experience.  Service user feedback is gathered using questionnaires at regular intervals.