Perinatal mental health value scorecard evaluation

  • Research Project Team

    • Dr Jessica Deighton,
    • Dr Julian Edbrooke-Childs
    • Dr Helen Gleeson
    • Ms. Makeda Gerressu


    UCL Partners


  • Background

    The perinatal mental health value scorecard is being piloted with health visitors across four NHS Trusts to help to improve mental health services for women from pregnancy up to a year after birth.

    It is hoped that the scorecard will lead to better use of recommended guidelines (e.g. NICE) and measures and a more timely response to mental health difficulties in service users. Each Trust will identify areas that are in need of improvement and set up a small group of quality improvement health visitors to address these areas on a month to month basis.

  • Aims

    The aims of the evaluation will be;

    • To assess whether best practice guidelines are being used to address mental health difficulties in perinatal women
    • To measure the effectiveness of the scorecard in improving practice
    • To assess the main challenges and facilitators of implementing the scorecard
  • Methodology

    This study will use a realistic evaluation approach which attempts to discover ‘what works – for whom- under what circumstances’. Data will be drawn from a range of sources including; routine clinical data; interviews with service users and staff; observations of quality improvement meetings and; questionnaires from staff and service users.