The effects of maternal and paternal acceptance/rejection on dimensions of personality development, drug abuse, intimate partner violence and parenting

An individual-based analysis

Hannah Lyden

Supervisor: Dr Thomas Mahon and Dr Nancy Suchman

Course: MSc in Developmental Neuroscience and Psychopathology

The author of this thesis was involved in the data analysis of a previously collected data set for a published study by McMahon, Winkel, & Rounsaville (2008).

The author chose this specific data set from a variety of available data sets, and through discussions with supervisors chose all applicable measures and data. The author decided upon the research question, hypotheses and consequent methodologies.

All literature reviews as well as justifications for current study were done independently. The author conducted all statistical analyses. All analysis of statistical analyses was done independently, including the implications of results. Tables and Figures were produced independently by the author, as well as the write up of all sections of the thesis. 


Lyden, H. M., & Suchman, N. (2013). Transmission of parenting models at the level of representation: Implications for mother-child dyads affected by maternal substance abuse. In N. Suchman, M. Pajulo, & L. Mayes (Eds.). Parenting and substance addition: Developmental approaches to intervention. New York: Oxford University Press.