Thinking about TalkTime:

An evaluation of staff and pupils' perceptions of a drop-in therapy service for primary school children

Maeve Kenny

Supervisor: Dr Saul Hillman

Course: MSc in Psychoanalytic Developmental Psychology

The present research is an exploratory study that aims to understand staff and pupil’s perceptions of TalkTime, a drop-in therapy service in a London primary school. The sample included two staff members and 6 pupil participants.

Semi-structured interviews were used to gather the data and the qualitative method of thematic analysis was utilized in the analysis. The results indicated that TalkTime was perceived as an enjoyable and beneficial service by both pupils and staff members, although pupils emphasised the proactive aspect of therapy where staff participants commented more on the reflective aspect of it.

The discussion addresses the efficacy of a short-term psychotherapeutic intervention and highlights the benefits of further funding for mental health resources in primary schools.