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The findings of the IMPACT study, the largest-ever randomised controlled trial to evaluate the effectiveness of psychotherapy for adolescent depression, has just been published. To read the results, click here.

Nick Midgley's book, 'Short-term psychoanalytic psychotherapy for adolescents with depression', written with colleagues from the Association of Child Psychotherapists as a treatment manual for the IMPACT study, was published by Karnac in November 2016.

His book, co-edited with Mick Cooper and Jacqueline Hayes, 'Essential research findings in child and adolescent counselling and psychotherapy' (Sage, 2017) has just been published.


With colleagues from the US and Europe, Nick has also just published a strongly-argued piece about the risks of bias in psychotherapy and pharmacotherapy research. To read more, click here.

Free access to virtual issue of Child and Adolescent Mental Health on maltreatment and trauma: It is our pleasure to let you all know that a Virtual issue of the journal, Child and Adolescent Mental Health, on Maltreatment and Trauma, edited by Nick Midgley, is online now. The papers in the issue will be made free available for a certain time period, so if you are interested to read them, you can access them here.

Special section of Psychotherapy Research on child and adolescent therapy: We are delighted to let you know that the first issue in 2018 of Psychotherapy Research includes a special section on child and adolescent psychotherapy research, with excellent papers by Kazdin, Dozier, Target and Cohen, each reviewing the development of their research programmes. Mary Target’s paper may be of particular interest, as it reviews the history and development of child psychotherapy research here at the Anna Freud Centre. There are 50 free copies of the introduction to the special section here.



The first Mentalization Based Treatment for Children (MBT-C) training, based on the newly-published book, will be taking place at the AFC from 27 - 29 November 2017. Please see this link for further information and registration: MBT-C training.




Several ChAPTRe projects, including Herts and Minds and the Reflective Fostering Programme, were presented at the recent SPR conference in Oxford, and generated a lot of interest among those attending.